Product catalog

Introducing the Yamayu product range.

Some sizes or materials may not be available, please contact us for more information.

The following products have adjustments or are not available.

*Products in catalog without a product number are
not available.

Page Product Details Changes
P12 Type C bottle #1-106 C-400 Unavailable
P21 Tamper evident seal #1-87, 1-88 Tamper evident seal Available in Japan only
P22 Label /Cap Tag label A – Tag label B Japanese language only
P23 Storage case Unavailable
P28 Poli eye dropper   Nozzle has changed–see photo bottom left
P29 Nice eye dropper #2-11 Nice 1 Navy bottle unavailable
P35 Nice nasal dropper #2-11 Nice 1 Brown bottle unavailable
P43 Pla kan   White cap only
P49 Polystyrene bottle   Unavailable
P71 All   Unavailable