Product Range


  • Type A bottle:Slightly tapered at the top
  • Type B bottle: Most standard shape with various sizes
  • Type C bottle:he cap becomes a dosage cup
  • Circle cup:Type C bottle with easy dispensing nozzle
  • Square:Easy storage
  • Infant:With pipette
  • Infant A, B:Pipette with rounded nozzle (infant safe) and safety cap Wide bottle:wide mouth bottle
  • Infant dose:Single dose bottle
  • Extra sturdy bottle:with PE cap liner, standard bottle, or slim bottle options: Various sizes available
  • Heat resisting:Autoclave safe
  • Ucap:PE cap liner prevents leaks
  • Child proof cap:Child resistant cap available for Type A, B, and Extra sturdy

Eye dropper

  • Bankoku eye dropper:Most popular shape
  • Eito eye dropper:Large size bottle for easy assembly
  • Poly eye dropper:Made from polyethylene for a softer, easy to use bottle
  • Nice eye dropper:For a smaller drop

Nasal spray

  • Nasal spray:Same bottle as Bankoku eye dropper but with nasal spray nozzle
  • New nasal spray:Screw on cap for easy use
  • Smart nasal spray:Tear shaped bottle is easier to squeeze

Powder medicine bottle

  • Powder medicine bottle:Lighter and more durable than glass

Cream container

  • Pla tsubo:Various sizes and colors as well as clear available
  • Pla kan:Large container with easy to close lid
  • UType U:Has a two layered base for extra protection
  • Piston kan:Thin container
  • UG:Rounded base so no cream is wasted
  • UG clear:Easy to see any air bubbles so there are no mistake to weight
  • UG black:Blocks all light
  • UG series CP type:Stackable

Lab products

Sippy cup / Urine bottle

  • Sippy cup:Low cost and easy to use
  • Urine bottle:Light and sturdy

Manufacture and sale items

Bankoku eye dropper Nice eye dropper Eito eye dropper Poli eye dropper
Nasal spray Pla tsubo Pla kan Piston kan
Type U UG Extra sturdy bottle Type A, B, C bottles
Infant Powder medicine bottle Heat resisting Lab products
Sippy cup Urine bottle Label tape